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Suicidal (EP)

by Ophelia Drowning

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Non Serviam
Non Serviam thumbnail
Non Serviam I love to dive into Sarah's tortured mind... Favorite track: I Heard A Voice.
Borg thumbnail
Borg A master class in melancholic neoclassical music. The contrast of wrenching vocals and beautiful instrumental arrangements makes this album a sublime emotional experience. Favorite track: Unmarked Grave.
Amethyst Noir
Amethyst Noir thumbnail
Amethyst Noir A truly moving piece from an absolutely breathtaking and talented woman. I’m captivated by the atmosphere and emotion. Each song shocks me to my core with feelings of lament and nostalgia. A perfect musical representation of sorrow, beauty, and mourning. I highly recommend this EP <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3
Jenn Taiga
Jenn Taiga thumbnail
Jenn Taiga From front to back, this album shows utmost taste from the creator. Every note is placed with intent, every silence serves to allow the listener to contemplate the music and reinforce the notes that are played. Truly, Suicidal is a case study in masterful arrangement. Favorite track: Unmarked Grave.
An Goblin
An Goblin thumbnail
An Goblin This album will cuddle you, scratch you until you draw blood, whisper sweetly in your ear, and then howl with bloody rage. We know the artist is talented, but this is exceptional. The twists and turns, the deep emotional wells, those lovely sad melodies and the tolling bell. This might be the sound of despair, but it's cosmically beautiful and a showcase for Ophelia Drowning's incredible talents. Favorite track: Fire At Sea.
sawtongue thumbnail
sawtongue Absolutely Harrowing. Amazing dynamic pacing and intensity. I was hypnotized by the time the second track started, and the flow was so perfect I didn’t even realize the tracks had changed, even if the tone shifted dramatically.
The elements of DSBM and goth, beautiful piano, and beautiful and alternately rasping vocals drew me in to a headspace I can only call melancholic dizziness. There’s not a note out of place, and the dismal tone lent itself to a a very satisfying ending. Favorite track: Fire At Sea.
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i was damned before i heard the call come o'er the darkened sea i was lost before i heard the voice come calling through the trees. the source, the path-- it matters not home i go with glee one phrase sings out the heart responds-- take me home. home. home. home.
i saw the light drain from your eyes into a gaze of malaise and spite "we were bred for nothing but to die-- what more remains for you and i?" i load up with whisky every night but six shots to the head won't fix my life ten thousand ways, all of which i've tried put ten thousand hours in a worthless lie i'm sorry, my love, i'm just...tired ol' david's run out of giants to fight so load the lead in the .45 and pull the trigger, put the dog down tonight please don't cry... i just hope i made the right choice she's better off without me anyways the world is better off without the burden of my breath upon it surely, it is better this way better than to suffer through one more fuckin' day better for all of you better for all of you if i just left just how do you expect me to go on? when there is nothing to live for? nothing to look forward to nothing to see nothing to do how do you expect me to go on without you by my side? why did you have to go why did you have to go why did you have to go? the consequences of a single misplaced finger a single misplaced thought will never truly have to be reckoned with until my heart is lain upon the scales heavier than infinite feathers it crashes through the floor and draws a path to hell but how could hell be worse than this? how could hell be worse than this? how could hell be worse than this? how could hell be worse than this? how could hell be worse than this?
Fire At Sea 04:15
<interviewer> ...nothing that you that you want that you don't have right now, is there really? I mean, you don't think about things like that...you don't want a sailboat <bukowski> The only thing i'm missing thing now is more privacy I would like to be alone the phone rings too often there's too many cameras and all that, and I kind of accepted ...but it's not me when these things are gone I go back to the room and I become myself again. often times I'll pull down all the shades like I used to just lay down around, five or six hours just alone, just lay in that bed and get something back, some kind of juice. just being away from people is one of the most marvelous fulfillments a man like me can have. just absence of humanity it's a fulfillment so graceful that even God would understand if he invented them. but he probably didn't *screaming, sputtering, coughing*
in the dark and pouring rain i walk the field of stone in the torchlight, several names all but one, is known a stolen bow upon a boquet lies upon the unknown a lie engraved upon the rock lives in a stolen bowl callously conscribed, engraved upon the granite a misnomer of a sobriquet deliberately designed to confuse and obfuscate the identity of occupancy of this grave ...it's gone it's all gone. gone. the lies she told us, still remain we never knew just who she was some mismatched parts told us a lie never bothered with corrections on god, i swear--i meant well don't mean that i didn't fuck up i'm not a fuckin' murderer callously conscribed, engraved upon the granite a misnomer of a sobriquet deliberately designed to confuse and obfuscate the identity of occupancy of my grave... she's gone she's gone gone, gone gone.... she's gone home. <interviewer> you're not afraid about death? <bukowski> no in fact...I almost feel good at the approach of death <interviewer> why? <bukowski> all that's okay...but you see as you live many years, things take on a repeat has that ended? are you ended? things take on a repeat, you understand? you keep seeing the same thing over and over again...the same substance. the same action, the same reaction so you get a little bit tired of life so as death comes you almost say "okay baby it's time. it's good" so I know I have very little fear of death. in fact I almost welcome it


this was almost my last album


released June 1, 2020


performed by ophelia drowning, aka sarah allen reed

all instruments tracked and/or played by sarah allen reed. all vocal tracks by sarah allen reed. no pitch-shifting or other such effects were applied on any of sarah's vocal tracks--what you hear is unmodified save compression and reverb added during the mastering process.

tracks two and four contain recordings of interviews with charles bukowski. i'mma be honest here, i don't like bukowski. i just couldn't find any interviews of wally wood talking about death, hemmingway's an asshole, and I can't stand hunter s. thompson.

dedicated to jenn taiga, an amazing woman, a wonderful friend, a caring sister, and half the reason i'm still here after the past couple months.

special thanks to my service dog polyhymnia, tapekvlt, radio dark tunnel, datafruits, akashic envoy records, northeast dungeon siege, equine, and everyone who tunes into my shows every week, reads my books, buys these records, and generally puts up with my depressive, borderline nihilistic nonsense

special no thanks to the cops

"nah" - vaelastrasz


all rights reserved



Ophelia Drowning Copenhagen, Denmark

my lord

we know what we are

but know not what we may be

forlorn sounds
from a place
beyond words

we are not actually from denmark. please read more shakespeare
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